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Working at the Beach

PrisonEd is a non-profit organization in the State of Utah. Private funding comes from within the state to go toward Utah-based prisoners.


The following added advantages are provided to Utah prisoners. (1) PrisonEd pays for books and shipping. (2) Prisoners have contact with a facilitator who provides personalized interaction through the U.S. Mail.



For Utah prisoners, the first step participating with PrisonEd is obtaining a copy of the book Voices from Prison: The Making of Ascenders.


To do so, the Utah prisoner mails a request to PrisonEd, PO Box 382, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. Indicate a desire to participate in the program and include a paragraph stating why.


PrisonEd will send the book and assignment. 





A recent focus of PrisonEd is strongly encouraging students to work in teams. Most often, teams provide support and encouragement. Learning, thinking and dedication are expanded. 


PrisonEd has altered the role of its tutors. They are no longer involved in “correcting” work sent in. Courses and books used are oriented to self-learning.


With that advantage and team members providing assistance, suggestions, and critiquing each other’s work, the function of a tutor is filled.  


If a prisoner can’t find an Ascending Team, again, books are selected for self-learning and the student becomes his or her own tutor. 





After studying the content of a book, send a response of 3-5 easily-read pages to PrisonEd. Respond to the following. When the response is received, a PrisonEd mentor will respond. Students are to focus on the following.

  1. Most significant book take-aways for you personally and why.

  2. How can you demonstrate #1 during incarceration?

  3. How can you demonstrate #1 to the Parole Board?

  4. How can you demonstrate #1 to family, potential employers, and a landlord?


When sending the above response to PrisonEd the student is invited to request the next book/course Freedom Behind Bars: Mentors from Prison.



The above is a beginning. 


When PrisonEd sends Freedom Behind Bars, we also send PrisonEd’s book list for follow-up study found on the last page.


Students may request 1-2 follow-up books.


In addition, hopefully the student can find personally expansive books in the facility library and use should be maximized.

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