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Outdoor Study Group


What we’re currently looking for:

  • Office help: We need volunteers who will assist with administrative duties one to three hours a week. Located in Spanish Fork, UT.  

  • Tutors: We are looking for volunteer tutors to mentor students in all offered courses. Tutors work remote and can be located anywhere. 

Want to help? Contact us for more information.

How do I become a tutor?

Those interested in tutoring should contact PrisonEd and explain what skills or qualifications they can offer. We prefer that tutors have at least a two-year college degree, and specialized courses may require tutors with four-year degrees. Tutors may teach PrisonEd courses that fall outside their own field of study, if they have experience in those areas.

Once they are accepted by PrisonEd, tutors will complete a brief orientation online. They will receive a copy of the course materials and a small teaching manual for their course. Tutors will also have a telephone consultation with Don Wright, President of PrisonEd—here they can ask any additional questions before they begin working with students. 


What responsibilities do tutors have?

Ultimately, a tutor’s goal is to help their students be successful in their courses. Tutors prepare students for successful lives and encourage their continual growth and learning. Tutors should encourage self-improvement and introspection in their students. 

Typically, tutors work with one to five students at a time. Tutors work one-on-one with each student for the duration of a course—though all communication is through the mail. Students complete courses at their own pace and are often slow in getting assignments sent in. Tutors can expect work to arrive sporadically.

Tutors score and correct assignments according to course guidelines. Tutors also provide a helpful analysis of the student’s work and suggestions for improvement. They give all feedback in a positive, supportive, and encouraging manner.

The amount of required feedback depends on the course, but tutors should expect to provide feedback three to five times for each course. Tutors are requested to process homework and return it to PrisonEd within three days of receiving it. We love to share the excellent work of our students, and tutors are encouraged to keep an eye out for such cases to point out to PrisonEd.

​How do tutors communicate with their students?

Students have no contact information for tutors. All assignments are mailed directly to PrisonEd. PrisonEd scans student assignments and emails a PDF attachment to the tutor. Tutors return all work back to PrisonEd, which is then forwarded on to the student.

Tutors do not use full names with their students. When returning an assignment, tutors may use first names only or a first-name pseudonym.

Does tutoring cost money?

Tutors work on a volunteer basis for PrisonEd, but there are no extra costs to them. Occasionally PrisonEd makes arrangements for tutors to return assignments directly to students. In this case, PrisonEd will provide envelopes and postage. 

Contact us to receive more information about volunteering with the PrisonEd Foundation.

Receive more information about volunteering with the PrisonEd Foundation

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