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What Students Say

“I would like to thank PrisonEd in giving me a glimmer of hope.” – D.Y.

“It lets me know I am not alone.  I can find strength in this prison. It reminds me of who I am and what I want to accomplish.  This is pure inspiration to me.” –C.S.

"So many people just write off inmates as hopeless losers yet you take your time to help us and believe in us." – J.Z.

“I have no doubt the PrisonEd Foundation has helped insure that I will leave this incarceration a better man than when I walked in.” – C.C.

Forest Lake

"After reading this book I took a bit of time to reflect on past relationships.  It truly breaks my heart to know how many things I have done in friendships and relationships that were counter-productive.  Having some of these principles put into words made me realize how many of them I did the opposite. I will commit to becoming a more flexible person because of the soul-searching this book caused me to do.  I can honestly say that I have no doubt that the PrisonEd Foundation has helped me insure that I will leave this incarceration a better man than when I walked in.  Thank you!" – C.C.

Lake Landscape

"Me and other inmates are taking the time to do these vocabulary exercises each day so I become very familiar with these new words I have learned so they become embedded in my brain. I know how limited my vocabulary has become, especially in prison with all the slang and ignorant language that is used on a daily basis.  I refuse to let it stagnate me and become the language that I speak.  I will continue to use this book and study these chapters as much as possible.  I can never thank you enough for this great opportunity for me to continue to gain knowledge and better myself.  Thank you." – D.V.

"I want to say that without these courses offered by your corporation, I’d be sitting idle in prison and not leaning and growing in the wide variety of subjects, especially finding inner peace and forgiveness towards myself.  Your courses offer and provide hope to me and many others." – B.R.

“Your courses have allowed me and many others to break outside these walls to exercise our thinking faculties, I thank you.” – T.F.

[Response to reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People]  "In the gang life, I could either be a Jedi or go to the dark side.  I didn’t realize how much of an impact this book would have on me and I’m so grateful to read it.  This is a book I’ll never forget. . . The things I valued in the past were so toxic and this is like being thrown a detox.  It’s hard and sucks at first but once your done you feel cleansed. " – R.M.

Fog and Nature

"Is there any way you can send me another set of certificates?  I want to send a set to my wife and kids.  They’re very proud of me doing something with my life and want to hang them up on the wall." – R.W.

"Your lessons have helped me stay happy and strong knowing I’m somebody and I can still be somebody." – A.B.

"Thank you for what you stand for and what you offer. . . PrisonEd is a testament that there are people in the world who haven’t given up on us." – A.U.

Mountain Lake

"I have learned a lot from this book.  These people have given me more hope.  There will be a lot of the lessons that I learned that I will never forget." – P.L.

"This course has truly changed my life – it helped me grow in a time of grief.  D.P.I can never thank you enough for this great opportunity and the optimism you have given me over these past few years.  I am extremely grateful that I took this course because I have never been taught about finances so in the past I was horrible with money." – D.P.

"I have been walking in my own made hell for the longest time.  I found your book amazing, helpful, powerful. Even though I read it twice, it’s something I could definitely read again and again.  Thank you for opening my eyes.  And thank you for breaking my mind out of prison.  Words can’t express how thankful and how much I appreciate your contribution." – R.C.

"I have found my life getting back on track again.  Participating actively in PrisonEd has been a blessing in my life and has helped me reflect on what I am doing in my life." – D.F.

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